About Our Aircraft

Our Cessna 182P is a 4-place airplane flown on new Aerocet floats
in the summer and wheels in the Fall/Winter.

Sea Plan in Greenville Maine

This low time aircraft equipped with a Seaplane West Float Kit and P-Ponk O-470, 275HP engine is an excellent high performance
platform for scenic flights.

Open 7 Days a Week, During Daylight Hours, Weather Permitting

Aerial Photography

Looking for a custom flight route not in our standard hours? Ask about our Custom Aerial Photography Flights. Whether it's your own personal property, a list of must-see lakes, lighthouses, or parks, just let us know and we'll give you an estimate on time and cost.

Aerial Photography is fantastic for:
Documenting your construction project    from start to finish
• Conveying the scope of your business
• Selling your business or property
• Realtors-a great way for prospective
  client to see the property at a distance
• Enhancing advertising efforts

Aerial Photography in Maine is fantastic:

Moosehead Lake Scenic Flights in Maine (207) 299-8220


Our Scenic Flights over Maine's Moosehead Lake, Shoreline & Mountains

Moosehead Lake Scenic Flights in Maine

Our Scenic Flights offer a wonderful perspective of Maine's Lakes, coastline, & mountains!
FAA Approved Part 135 Air Taxi/Scenic Tours Part 91 Scenic Flights

Flights are based out of:
Greenville Seaplane Base,
Lucky Landing SB, Pushaw Lake, Glenburn Bangor International Airport

Flights are based out of: Flights are based out of: Flights are based out of:

Custom Flights at other venues can be arranged, for example:
Private Parties-Special Events-Alternate Airports-Waterways

Choose from one of our popular flights
40-Minute Moosehead Lake Tour - 100-Mile Wilderness Tour
Sportsman's Wildlife Tours - Sugarloaf Area Scenic Tours
OR Custom Tailor Your Own!
(prices start at $75/person or an overall hourly rate of $350)

Choose from one of our popular flights or custom tailor your own (prices start at $75/person). We are open 7 days a week, during daylight hours, weather permitting.

Wilderness Tour from Greenville to Mount Katahdin

Seasonal & Satellite Operations


Maine Sportsman's Wildlife Tours

Custom Viewing Tours Available!
Sportsman's Wildlife Viewing Tours

If you are a hunting guide it will be a huge benefit to know where the game is when you take your clients on memorable father-son sportsmen's hunts or offer the seasoned hunters successful trips they can boast on.

Sportsman's Wildlife Viewing Tours give you the advantage of knowing where you should be looking for game and what areas will not yield results. This can help you conserve fuel and resources as well as the same time. Tracing game is part of the sport but if you don't have any signs to observe and you're unable to track your quarry, then your efforts may be fruitless and leave you with an empty freezer.

Sportsman's Wildlife Viewing Tours


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